Version Differences for MySQL

Line 1:
    + Install on Windows  
    + Create a my.ini file in the C:\Windows directory  
    + [mysqld]  
    + # set basedir to your installation path  
    + basedir=C:/DevApps/MySQL/8.0.18  
    + # set datadir to the location of your data directory  
    + datadir=C:/DevApps/MySQL/8.0.18/data  
    + run mysqld.exe --initialize  
    + In the data directory there is a log file that contains a temporary password for root.  
    + Use Workbench, log in as root with the temporary password.  
    + It will force you to create a new password for root.  
    + Exit Workbench.  
    + Restart Workbench  
    + -------------------------  
    + Linux  
  Change root password.    Change root password.